What Type Of Bedding Is Best For Gerbil?

Your lovely rodent is vulnerable and it is your responsibility to take care of him. The gerbil is commonly known as a desert rat who is a member of the Gerbillinae family of Rodentia. You can click here to know more about gerbils. All the gerbil owners may not know, but they are harming their pet by providing them a wrong and toxic bedding experience that could be harmful to their lovely pet. For your gerbil’s habitat, the bedding plays a crucial role. You need to give your rodent perfect and sophisticated bedding to keep him safe and fine.

Essentials of gerbil bedding

What Type Of Bedding Is Best For Gerbil?

Gerbils are profound diggers and they love to dig deep. These gerbils have the inheritance of their Mongolian family who was wild and could dig up to 8 meters where they can live, breed and hibernate. So, the bedding has a special role which could make your rodent feel more safe and secure. The nurturing would also be better if you choose a good bedding style. You should keep enough digging space to your gerbil so that he could feel acquainted with the surroundings and could perform his favorite activity. Keep the consistency of the stuff inside the chamber appropriate so that your rodent could dig enough and the holes do not collapse.

Good bedding style

A good gerbil bedding should be safe for your rodent that it would not harm the body and have a perfect shape, absorbs odor and non-toxic. It should be low weight and dust-free so that your gerbil does not get trapped inside. You can choose to try different bedding methods and experiment with it for ascertaining the right type. Several people use a mixture of tissues, towel rolls, and wooden shaving to create stable and steady tunnels. It provides perfect moisture and is safe for your gerbil. You can make the bedding according to your budget, but you need to experiment to find the right one.

Safety tips

Before knowing what is right? You must focus on what is wrong for your gerbil bedding? It is important to avoid the don’ts to keep your gerbil safe which is as follows-

  • Avoid using cedar that could cause respiratory problems.
  • The inked paper could be toxic.
  • Empty toilet paper and tissues could be adhesive on them.
  • Cotton and wool bedding could trap your gerbil and create pernicious blockages.
  • Painted wood material or varnish could be toxic.

Gerbil bedding types

Gerbil should have enough space to hide and rest. To provide this, you should-

  • Provide a thick layer of bedding to your gerbil.
  • A hide box
  • Put some edibles for your gerbil.

The hide box should be made up of good material that is non-toxic because you may find it chewed by your gerbil.

Some good bedding material

Several bedding materials would be best for your gerbil’s bedding. These are-

1.      Aspen wood bedding

Aspen wood is the best choice to make the gerbil’s bedding but keep it unpainted and untreated. If your gerbil shows any incompatibility with the aspen wood, you should change it right away. Aspen is not so good with tunnel making so try to give a readymade tunnel to your gerbil. Buy the smallest aspen bedding to first check the compatibility. There are various types of aspen wood shaving which are-

  • Living world wood aspen shaving- It is made up of untreated and natural aspen wood, absorbs good moisture, and could expand up to 1200 cubic inches.
  • Kaytee Aspen Bedding- It is also a good material to use for bedding.
  • Zoo Med Aspen snake bedding- It is mostly offered to snake owners but it is also good for gerbils and it is 99% dust-free and easy to clean.

2.      Commercial gerbil bedding

It is various commercial gerbil bedding brands that could get you good bedding. One of them is carefresh. It could burden your pockets but would provide extremely well service. It absorbs moisture and odors and the shape is also adequate for tunnel building. Mix up several bedding types with refresh to make it last longer and make it economical. Various types are-

  • Carefresh total pet bedding- It comes with 10days habitat control and odor absorption capacity and is 99% dust-free. It is available in natural or blue color with varying sizes.
  • Absorption corp- It has up to 60% moisture absorption rate and is 9% dust-free. It has 90% content of wood shavings, and the rest is carefresh.
  • Healthy pet HPCC natural bedding- It is made from wood pulp. It can absorb 3 times the moisture of its weight and could increase double in size volume.

3.      Corn cob gerbil bedding

What Type Of Bedding Is Best For Gerbil?

Corn cob gerbil bedding has some pros and cons that you need to know. It is an absorbent material, which means it could fight the odor and waste like a pro, but it needs to be altered very frequently else it could get mildew. It is best when mixed up with some other kinds of bedding like shredded tissues or paper rolls because it could not hold the shape solely and does not provide any scope to make tunnels. Various types are-

  • Pestell pet products easy clean corn cob bedding- It is completely safe and secure for your pet and provides a natural environment.
  • Kaytee kay kob bedding and litter- It does not contain wood debris and is 99% dust-free.
  • eCOTRITION natural corn cob bedding- It is long-lasting and light in weight and mixed up with color paper.

4.      Sand gerbil bedding

It is the main material of a gerbil bedding because the compatibility of the sand with your gerbil would decide how deep your pet would dig. It helps in removing the extra oil and debris and keep your pet shiny and clean.

So, these are several gerbil bedding styles that you could use to keep your gerbil with ease and make him feel comfortable around you. You can click here for more details and enhance your knowledge regarding this.

What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

Normally, a stressed chinchilla will not frequently eat or drink properly. However, this could last for only few days. Usually, the chinchilla becomes more familiarized to its fresh surrounding and then the routine eating and consuming will restart. Not only eating and drinking will cause chinchilla to urinate and excrete fairly a little bit lesser. Its urine will blacken to dark orange in colour and the feces will possibly be lessening in size and become bright. And then, they will return back to normal, when the chinchilla starts to consume again. In order to support the chinchilla via this, you can ensure that the chinchilla has always a source of feed, water and nourish.

What does chinchilla actually consume?

What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

First of all, you will always want a basic understanding of what your chinchilla’s digestive system can and cannot even handle in order to keep your new chinchilla happy, healthy and also a complete of energy. You may be wondered to study that the chinchillas have delicate digestive system and are incapable to abstract the specific things correctly. So, you can always ensure that your chinchilla food is well suited for its digestive system is more important.

Normally, the wild chinchillas can consume a lot more vegetation that includes more cellulose. However, the digestive system of a chinchilla is not intended to handle rich or fatty foods simply. You will want to feed your pet special chinchilla pellets, but you will need to supplement that diet with a lot of fresh grasses hay in order to support them to live a long and healthy life. If you want to alter your chinchilla’s diet, you can make sure to perform it gradually, so that your pet does not even notice and also its digestive system does not react adversely.

What you want to know about chinchilla food?

Normally, taking care of your pet chinchillas involve providing them the right quantity of food as well as proper nutrition to live longer. The chinchillas are actually well known to have sensitive digestive system that is why; they want a special form of diet. However, these animals are habitually used to consume vegetables and fat free foods in the wild.  The chinchillas can also eat the best quality pellets along with new feed daily.

The chinchillas require nutritious food supplements that are rich in protein, fibre and essential fat. But, you cannot feed any kind of food to them; since they can simply got stomach upset. They often used to consume the same kind of food over a time period and so, if there are some food alterations that you can perform it gradually. You can also even combine and match the nutritious foods for your chinchillas pet, but simply begin in a fewer amounts and you might later on improve it.

In addition to fresh hay, there are some special kinds of nutritious pellets available for your chinchilla’s pet that you are serving thing most of the times during a day. You just look for pelleted diet with minimum 16% of protein, 15% of dietary fibre and 2 to 5% of fat. It is also better to provide them a small serving at the regular intervals ideally one time in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

A useful guideline of chinchilla food

What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

Being a responsible pet owner involves the specific responsibilities objective to keep your pet chinchillas alive as well as healthy all the time. Thus, selecting the right chinchilla food is actually more essential to keep them very strong as well as healthy too. Actually, the best chinchilla food should be selected very carefully. Normally, these pets have sensitive stomachs and require a diet that consists of certain nutrients.

The chinchillas are purely vegetarians and want the top quality food to stay healthy forever. With this sensitive digestive system, it is much essential not to provide too much treat or alter their diet abruptly and frequently as well. One of the best feeds that you can provide a chinchilla is raisin. They love them most and are much careful not to overdo it. Also, the entire dried fruits are a great option for chinchilla eat. Therefore, chinchilla food is not as same as food for other pets.

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

If you would like to grow an attractive Guinea pig in your home and for making them to stay comfortable, there is a need for you to design a cage perfectly. But it is not a matter there is a need for you to take some special care in maintaining the guinea pig cages perfectly.

Usually the guinea pig cage would need to be cleaned daily for getting rid from the poops you should do a deep cleaning at least 3 to 4 days once. The baby guinea pigs would have a smaller poop when compared to the matured guinea pigs. So you would find that there is a need for you to take some care when your pigs grow up. In case when you have two guinea pigs sharing the same place then there is no necessary for you to maintain them because it would not spoil quickly.

How to overcome from this cage problem?

The daily spot cleaning should contain frequent removal of poops which has become soiled and damp. These conditions would depend based on the beddings which you are using in your cage. Some bedding as like the Fitch or the carefresh acts as a best absorbent that will not get damp quickly. When you had used the fleece it has the tendency for getting dump quicker and it is considered as the easier task for you to clean the poops as they had sit on the top of the fleece.

Tips for cleaning the pig cage

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

  • It is required for you to remove as many poops when you can.
  • For doing this there is a need for you to remove the wet and soiled beddings.
  • If needed there you can add the bedding when it is necessary.

While you are planning to clean out the full cage there is a need for you keep this things in your mind. Before you start to clean your cage, the first thing you need put your guinea pigs cages in the safe and enclosed area. Make sure that you are safe from any of your household pets. After that you have to remove out all beddings and to get rid from any poops. When you think about the recycling bin inside your garden there is a need for you to put the soiled based bedding over there.

When you are cleaning the plastic cage there is a need for you to clean with the cloth or the kitchen paper. To clean easily there is a need for you to spray the disinfectant around the cage that is present. Make sure that you have a guinea pigs are not close as it is considered as the good for them to breathe in the spray.

These are the few points that you should keep in your mind while you are cleaning the pig cages. Once when you started following it sure your typical work would change interesting.

Simple tips

  • It is required for you to make your guinea pig comfortable.
  • There is a need for you to restrain your guinea pigs.
  • Before cleaning there is a need for you to take them out.
  • Groom up your pig when it is necessary.
  • Then you can clean the cage and allow them to dry well.

Through doing as like this both your cage as well as the guinea pig would stay fresh and active always and you too would love to go near the cage and play along with it. Sure this would give you a good relaxation for your mind as well as you can stay hygienic and healthy.

Strategies hidden behind maintaining your pig cages

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

  • There is a need for you to take some special care and effort to maintain them clean only then the smell would not come out of the cage and disturb you.
  • If you keep on cleaning the cages at particular interval of time then sure you can make your pig to stay active inside the cage.

In additional to that you can also make use of some of the online accessories that is available in the online. That would sure act as a best support for you when you are cleaning your cage.