What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

Normally, a stressed chinchilla will not frequently eat or drink properly. However, this could last for only few days. Usually, the chinchilla becomes more familiarized to its fresh surrounding and then the routine eating and consuming will restart. Not only eating and drinking will cause chinchilla to urinate and excrete fairly a little bit lesser. Its urine will blacken to dark orange in colour and the feces will possibly be lessening in size and become bright. And then, they will return back to normal, when the chinchilla starts to consume again. In order to support the chinchilla via this, you can ensure that the chinchilla has always a source of feed, water and nourish.

What does chinchilla actually consume?

What does chinchilla actually consume?

First of all, you will always want a basic understanding of what your chinchilla’s digestive system can and cannot even handle in order to keep your new chinchilla happy, healthy and also a complete of energy. You may be wondered to study that the chinchillas have delicate digestive system and are incapable to abstract the specific things correctly. So, you can always ensure that your chinchilla food is well suited for its digestive system is more important.

Normally, the wild chinchillas can consume a lot more vegetation that includes more cellulose. However, the digestive system of a chinchilla is not intended to handle rich or fatty foods simply. You will want to feed your pet special chinchilla pellets, but you will need to supplement that diet with a lot of fresh grasses hay in order to support them to live a long and healthy life. If you want to alter your chinchilla’s diet, you can make sure to perform it gradually, so that your pet does not even notice and also its digestive system does not react adversely.

What you want to know about chinchilla food?

What does chinchilla actually consume?

Normally, taking care of your pet chinchillas involve providing them the right quantity of food as well as proper nutrition to live longer. The chinchillas are actually well known to have sensitive digestive system that is why; they want a special form of diet. However, these animals are habitually used to consume vegetables and fat free foods in the wild.  The chinchillas can also eat the best quality pellets along with new feed daily.

The chinchillas require nutritious food supplements that are rich in protein, fibre and essential fat. But, you cannot feed any kind of food to them; since they can simply got stomach upset. They often used to consume the same kind of food over a time period and so, if there are some food alterations that you can perform it gradually. You can also even combine and match the nutritious foods for your chinchillas pet, but simply begin in a fewer amounts and you might later on improve it.

In addition to fresh hay, there are some special kinds of nutritious pellets available for your chinchilla’s pet that you are serving thing most of the times during a day. You just look for pelleted diet with minimum 16% of protein, 15% of dietary fibre and 2 to 5% of fat. It is also better to provide them a small serving at the regular intervals ideally one time in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

A useful guideline of chinchilla food


Being a responsible pet owner involves the specific responsibilities objective to keep your pet chinchillas alive as well as healthy all the time. Thus, selecting the right chinchilla food is actually more essential to keep them very strong as well as healthy too. Actually, the best chinchilla food should be selected very carefully. Normally, these pets have sensitive stomachs and require a diet that consists of certain nutrients.

The chinchillas are purely vegetarians and want the top quality food to stay healthy forever. With this sensitive digestive system, it is much essential not to provide too much treat or alter their diet abruptly and frequently as well. One of the best feeds that you can provide a chinchilla is raisin. They love them most and are much careful not to overdo it. Also, the entire dried fruits are a great option for chinchilla eat. Therefore, chinchilla food is not as same as food for other pets.

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

How often to clean guinea pig cage?

If you would like to grow an attractive Guinea pig in your home and for making them to stay comfortable, there is a need for you to design a cage perfectly. But it is not a matter there is a need for you to take some special care in maintaining the guinea pig cages perfectly.

Usually the guinea pig cage would need to be cleaned daily for getting rid from the poops you should do a deep cleaning at least 3 to 4 days once. The baby guinea pigs would have a smaller poop when compared to the matured guinea pigs. So you would find that there is a need for you to take some care when your pigs grow up. In case when you have two guinea pigs sharing the same place then there is no necessary for you to maintain them because it would not spoil quickly.

How to overcome from this cage problem?

The daily spot cleaning should contain frequent removal of poops which has become soiled and damp. These conditions would depend based on the beddings which you are using in your cage. Some bedding as like the Fitch or the carefresh acts as a best absorbent that will not get damp quickly. When you had used the fleece it has the tendency for getting dump quicker and it is considered as the easier task for you to clean the poops as they had sit on the top of the fleece.

Tips for cleaning the pig cage

Tips for cleaning the pig cage

  • It is required for you to remove as many poops when you can.
  • For doing this there is a need for you to remove the wet and soiled beddings.
  • If needed there you can add the bedding when it is necessary.

While you are planning to clean out the full cage there is a need for you keep this things in your mind. Before you start to clean your cage, the first thing you need put your guinea pigs cages in the safe and enclosed area. Make sure that you are safe from any of your household pets. After that you have to remove out all beddings and to get rid from any poops. When you think about the recycling bin inside your garden there is a need for you to put the soiled based bedding over there.

When you are cleaning the plastic cage there is a need for you to clean with the cloth or the kitchen paper. To clean easily there is a need for you to spray the disinfectant around the cage that is present. Make sure that you have a guinea pigs are not close as it is considered as the good for them to breathe in the spray.

These are the few points that you should keep in your mind while you are cleaning the pig cages. Once when you started following it sure your typical work would change interesting.

Simple tips

  • It is required for you to make your guinea pig comfortable.
  • There is a need for you to restrain your guinea pigs.
  • Before cleaning there is a need for you to take them out.
  • Groom up your pig when it is necessary.
  • Then you can clean the cage and allow them to dry well.

Through doing as like this both your cage as well as the guinea pig would stay fresh and active always and you too would love to go near the cage and play along with it. Sure this would give you a good relaxation for your mind as well as you can stay hygienic and healthy.

Strategies hidden behind maintaining your pig cages

Strategies hidden behind maintaining your pig cages

  • There is a need for you to take some special care and effort to maintain them clean only then the smell would not come out of the cage and disturb you.
  • If you keep on cleaning the cages at particular interval of time then sure you can make your pig to stay active inside the cage.

In additional to that you can also make use of some of the online accessories that is available in the online. That would sure act as a best support for you when you are cleaning your cage.


Animalpalooza Annual Yard Sale benefiting Warrick Humane Society, Warrick Animal Guardians and Animalpalooza. Aside from our big event in September, Animalpalooza presents smaller fundraising events to help raise funds for specific shelters and rescues. This fundraiser is for WHS and WAG. (WAG is a 501c3 organization established to help with funds for Warrick County Animal Control).
We are asking people to begin saving items to donate to our sale. Items can be dropped off at Warrick Humane Society during regular business hours. Items can also be dropped off at the place of the sale, 7255 Nottingham Dr., Newburgh. on weekends or evenings. We are acccepting just about anything we can turn into $$$$$$ including furniture and bigger items. Please limit clothing to clean clothes and pieces of clothing that will sell. We do not want to be picky but we are all volunteers and it takes a lot of time to go through clothing as well as all of the items that we receive.
You can donate in two ways:
1) donate items to be sold
2) come shop on Saturday, March 19th

Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping

Santa Paws – Update

We are in our final week of the Santa Paws Food and Fund Drive and we are still in need of donation items and monetary donations! Click Here for a list of suggested donation items, drop off locations and here to donate online.  Animalpalooza is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and all donations are tax deductable! Finally be sure to go to our Facebook page to LIKE and SHARE our event!

The following list of 19 Animal Shelters and Rescues will be the beneficiaries of the 2015 Santa PAWS Food and Fund Drive Donations:

  • Another Chance for Animals
  • Vanderburgh Humane Society, Inc.
  • Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official)
  • It Takes a Village Canine Rescue
  • PAAWS No-Kill Animal Rescue
  • Mended Hearts Evansville
  • Posey Humane Society
  • PC Pound Puppies
  • Warrick Humane Society
  • Warrick County Animal Control
  • TLC Pals 4 Paaws INC.
  • Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky
  • Pay It Forward Animal Rescue
  • New Hope Animal Rescue
  • Gibson County Animal Services
  • Owensboro Humane Society
  • Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter
  • Happy Acres Sanctuary, a division of Happy Dogs USA Inc.
  • Muhlenberg County Humane Society

Animal House – Santa Paws Food and Toy Drive Wrap-Up Party

Animalpalooza & Songhouse Present: “ANIMALHOUSE”

Santa Paws Food​ & ​Toy Drive wrap up ​party/concert @ Lamasco Bar & Grill
1331 W. Franklin St., Evansville, IN

  • Event Date & Time:​  Sunday, December 6th, ​ 2-7​PM
  • Family friendly event
  • Door Prizes
  • MC Comedienne, Rachel Goldman welcomes this a​mazing ​music lineup:

The Honey Vines
Deja Blu 5
Ryan Rigdon
2 Miles Back     ​
Zack Killebrew & Kenny Hockman​
Tony Henning
No Curfew
Osiella       ​

Followed By a Lamasco All-Star Jam


  • Donations welcome and encouraged at Event (Monetary) and specific​ ​items from Shelter and Rescues Wish List:

toys, treats, bleach, paper towels, laundry detergent, animal bedding, cat litter, Dawn dishwashing liquid, small fleece blankets, cat/dog shampoo, canned dog/cat food, canned pumpkin.​

Santa Paws Food Drive

Animalpalooza is at it again and we need your help!! The holidays are not an easy time for animal shelters and rescues. People are busy with the hustle and bustle of the season. The Animalpalooza Team wants to help make the holidays a bit better for the rescue animals and those that care for them. Please help us help them by opening your hearts and pocketbooks and make this food/toy/supply drive a success. We will be making baskets, which will include a monetary donation, for 16 shelters/rescues in southern Indiana & western Kentucky. We will have several drop off/collection box locations for your covenience. If you can’t make it to a drop off location, we also have a Go Fund Me page for monetary donations. Animalpalooza will match dollar for dollar the amount raised on the Go Fund Me page, (https://www.gofundme.com/un95bvms)
Our drive will begin on Monday, November 16th and will culminate on Sunday, December 6th with a wrap up party/concert at Lamasco Bar & Grill where we will collaborate with the Honey Vines for a great 5 hours of music and family fun!
Drop off locations, (available Monday, November 16th) are:
Axiom Marketing, Advertising & Interactive (215 NW. MLK BLVD., Evansville)
Give a Dog A Bone ( 5168 E. Virginia St., Evansville)
Groomingdales (8177 Robin Hill Dr, Newburgh)
Opies Doggie Playcare & Salon ( 117 S. Kentucky Ave., Evansville)
Gabbi’s Boutique (801 N. Green St., Henderson, Ky.)
Mystique Winery & Vineyard (13000 Gore Rd., Lynville, In)
Schaums Pizzeria ( 240 S. Green River Rd., Evansville)
Dollar General ( Hwy 261, Newburgh)
Cleo’s Bakery (9 W. Jennings St., Newburgh)
Lux Motors ( 3030 N. Green River Rd., Evansville)
Lux Motors ( 2627 Hwy 41, Henderson, Ky)
Blades Hair & Tanning Salon (839 S. 9th Ave., Haubstadt)
Pet Food Center (Evansville North Park, N. Green River Rd, and West along with Newburgh location)

Items needed but not limited to:
Canned dog and cat food, cat litter, animal bedding, small fleece blankets, laundry detergent, Dawn dishwashing soap, canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), paper towels, cat/dog shampoo….and of course TOYS AND TREATS!!!!

Thank you in advance for your support! Please share this with your animal loving friends so we can make some shelter animals happy this holiday season!!

Press Release

Evansville, Ind. – Animalpalooza, the Evansville area’s premier Animal Benefit & Music Festival, reported record earnings from last weekend’s event at Burdette Park.
“Last year’s Animalpalooza raised $11,000 to benefit local area animal shelters and rescues,” said Melissa Mauser, Animalpalooza Marketing, Advertising, PR and Volunteer Coordinator. “This year, the event itself brought in $16,000 which is a wonderful show of support by the Tri-State. However, we handled the concessions differently; we gave all the animal shelters and rescues the opportunity to sell food and merchandise and to keep 100 percent of what they earned as an immediate donation toward daily and emergency expenses. Those shelters and rescues were collectively able to earn another $9,000, bringing the total raised at the event to $25,000.”

The ultimate goal of Animalpalooza is to aid in the rehoming of lost, homeless, and surrendered pets, reducing euthanasia rates. “So far,” said Mauser, “there have been six pet adoptions that have taken place. That doesn’t include any adoptions that will take place in the coming weeks as a result of hearing about these shelters and rescues at our event and through our advertising. One of the dog adoptions was a miracle and a dream come true, because Derby had waited a very long time at PC Pound Puppies to find a home.”

All of the Animalpalooza board and team members are “beyond thrilled” with the massive response from the Tri-State. “We are all still running on pure adrenaline after the response we received this past weekend and with the knowledge that so many wonderful animals are now going to have a chance because the public responded so generously. Goals were not only reached but surpassed, and we are humbled by the many wonderful people who came out to support this very worthy cause, and by the assistance of sponsors, the media, and our many youth and adult volunteers.”

Due to the rapid growth of Animalpalooza, the organization is recruiting more volunteers of all ages, all abilities, and any availability. Those interested in volunteering can learn more by visiting the Volunteer page www.animalpalooza.net. There are many opportunities to contribute, both regarding the event itself and throughout the year.

“New this year, we have four service-based scholarships available,” Mauser added. “We’ll be awarding two in Evansville and two in Warrick County to high school seniors. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people who are passionate about animal welfare. We look forward to expanding our scholarship opportunities to other surrounding counties as we are able in the coming years.”

The scholarships will be awarded in May, 2016, and all area high school seniors are encouraged to visit the Animalpalooza website to print the information needed to apply.

“On behalf of everyone at Animalpalooza, our deepest thanks to the Tri-State for helping us make this year’s event such an overwhelming success,” Mauser said. “What we do doesn’t happen because of one person. It takes many people working together because they share a common passion…loving animals.”

For more information about how you can be a part of Animalpalooza’s efforts to save area pets, contact Melissa Mauser at [email protected] or call 812-480-2675.


9:00 1ST Annual Lux Motors Car & Truck Show (Burdette Park pool parking lot)
10:00 Gate opens
10:30 National Anthem and performance by Moneka Fullop
11:00 Onsite registration/practice for DockDogs begins
11:30 Nature’s Logic Angela Shoultz stand up talk in the pavilion
11:45 No Curfew performs
12:00 Big Air WAVE #1 (DockDogs)
12:45 Dog training demonstration in the pavilion
1:00 Ryan Rigdon and the Hi-Rize Hillbillies perform
2:00 Big Air WAVE #2 (DockDogs)
2:15 Boscoe France Band performs
3:15 Kolin Clutter dedication & introduction of Animalpalooza Team
3:45 CALABASH performs
4:00 Big Air WAVE #3 (DockDogs)
4:45 Dr. Margie Garrett demonstration and stand up talk in the pavilion
5:15 Osiella performs
6:00 Extreme Vertical (DockDogs)
6:30 Deja Blu 5 performs

10:00 Gate opens & onsite registration/practice for DockDogs
10:30 National Anthem and performance by The Honey Vines
11:00 Big Air WAVE #4 (DockDogs)
11:45 Canine Physical Rehabilitation of Evansville Demo (Stacie Clark)
12:00 Dave Flick performs
1:00 Big Air WAVE #5 (DockDogs)
1:00 Nature’s Logic Angela Shoultz stand up talk in the pavilion
1:15 2 Miles Back performs
2:15 Brie Stafford dedication & introduction of Animalpalooza Team
2:45 Honey Roy performs
3:00 Speed Retrieve / All in One Finals (DockDogs)
3:45 Dog training demonstration in the pavilion
4:00 Shawn Needham performs
4:30 Big Air Finals (DockDogs)

Ticket prices

Adults – $7 for 1 day pass or $10 for a 2 day pass
Students 13 or older w/student ID – $5 for 1 day pass or $7 for a 2 day pass
Kids 12 and under – Free

A Full Weekend of Family Fun!

We are very excited to announce that Animalpalooza 2015 will be taking place once again at Burdette Park in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday September 12th from 10am to 8pm & Sunday September 13th from 10:30am to 5:30pm,  DockDogs, “The World’s Premier Canine Aquatics Competition”, will be returning to our event with their high flying canine action as well!!! Mark your calendars now!!

As always, pets are welcome at our events. However, for their safety and the safety of others, please be sure to include their leash.

New this year Lux Motors will be hosting a car show at Burdette Park on that Saturday from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

57622_Pennies Fur Paws

The 1st Annual Lux Motors Car & Truck Show

New at Animalpalooza Animal Benefit & Music Festival 2015 – Saturday September 12th
The 1st Annual Lux Motors Car & Truck Show (Saturday only with rain date for Sunday)
Come join us for this awesome car show!!!! Good food, music provided by Jon B, lots of great door prizes, half-pot & TROPHIES!!

First 100 registered cars will receive a dash plaque and free tshirt! Proceeds will go to Animalpalooza!!!!

Trophies to be given are:
3′ Tall Club Participation
2′ Tall Best in show
Kat Mykals Choice
Best Engine Bay
Best Interior
Top 3 in each category
Best Import
Best Exotic
Best Domestic
Best Classic
Best Dropped vehicle
Best Truck
Best Jeep

Just follow the signs to the show once you enter the park! For more information contact Angie Gallagher.