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What Type Of Bedding Is Best For Gerbil?

Your lovely rodent is vulnerable and it is your responsibility to take care of him. The gerbil is commonly known as a desert rat who is a member of the Gerbillinae family of Rodentia. You can click here to know more about gerbils. All the gerbil owners may not know, but they are harming their pet by… Read More »

What Chinchilla not Eating or Drinking?

Normally, a stressed chinchilla will not frequently eat or drink properly. However, this could last for only few days. Usually, the chinchilla becomes more familiarized to its fresh surrounding and then the routine eating and consuming will restart. Not only eating and drinking will cause chinchilla to urinate and excrete fairly a little bit lesser.… Read More »

How Often to Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

If you would like to grow an attractive Guinea pig in your home and for making them to stay comfortable, there is a need for you to design a cage perfectly. But it is not a matter there is a need for you to take some special care in maintaining the guinea pig cages perfectly.… Read More »